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FRPC June 2018 survey on mobile data

The Forum commissioned a national survey to learn more about Canadians’ experience with mobile phone data and data overage charges, as well as their views on data-only mobile phone plans. The survey found, among other things, that:
• Almost 70% of mobile phone users do not think they receive good value for the money they paid for their mobile phone plans
• More than half of the people in Canada (53.2%) said they have had to pay additional fees to use their mobile phone service because they used more data than included in their monthly plans
• Almost 60% of those who have had to pay a data-overage fee in the previous year said they limited use of their mobile phone due to worries they may incur overage fees
• Only 1.1% of people in Canada said they have a data-only plan, while 23.2% said they would switch to one