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Bill C-11 returns to the House of Commons

On 2 February 2023 the Senate completed third reading of Bill C-11-3, the Online Streaming Act, and adopted the report of the Senate’s Committee on Transport and Communications (TRCM).

The TRCM Committee passed a number of amendments to C-11-3, which the House of Commons is apparently due to consider this week (6-10 February 2023). (You can find the House of Commons Order Papers – their daily agenda – here.)

FRPC has posted a ‘best-effort ‘, side-by-side comparison of the (current) 1991 Broadcasting Act, Bill C-11-3 as passed by the House of Commons in June 2022 and the potential impact of the Senate’s proposed amendments to C-11-3. We do not guarantee the comparison’s accuracy.

The House is expected to complete its work on C-11, possibly return the Bill to the Senate and finally (one assumes) enacts the Bill — after which it will require Royal Assent to enter into force.

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