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The Devil is in Bill C-11-3’s many, many details

The Senate Standing Committee on Transport and Communications (TRCM) will apparently be hearing its last witnesses on 16 November 2022 – including representatives of the CRTC at its last meeting before it moves to writing the report it will submit to the Senate about Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act that amends Canada’s 1991 Broadcasting Act. Some parties hope that the Senate will rapidly pass Bill C-11 so as to unleash pent-up funding from online broadcasters to the benefit of Canadian programming. Others acknowledge that a few major amendments will be needed before the Senate passes Bill C-11-3. To avoid delays in the implementation of Bill C-11-3, FRPC recommends that TRCM carefully consider the tinier details of the Bill: left uncorrected, ambiguities, mistranslations and gaps may cause delays in its implementation.

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